engineers and animators based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


    Our team fuses expertise in UI scripting and motion design into the role of a creative developer.


    is to deliver a custom, exclusive UI to each client and each campaign ensuring the greatest efficiency when generating digital assets in scale.


    ads that stand out. See some examples in our

What others are saying:

Being a company with the size and market share that Livescore has, it has become more and more challenging for us to manage our creative production and its implementation.
When we started working with Streameye, we saw that we are not getting just another banner creation service provider but something much more than that. They have proved to be a reliable partner who understands our needs and finds ways to accommodate them.
We strive to be constantly innovating in the field of digital advertising and Streameye manages to supply us with the right tools to do so by constantly improving and developing the platform.

Tom Clapp
Head of Marketing Design

Streameye have delivered PPB marketing a fully bespoke self service platform that has saved countless design hours and costs. The Streameye platform allows our creative and marketing teams to produce content and campaigns in minutes allowing PPB marketing teams to be more agile and reactive. PPB and Streameye have partnered for over 10 years and their continued commitment to delivering the best product makes them a very valued partner.

Suzie Belton
Head of Creative Services

At DAZN we're constantly promoting live sports all over the world, and our digital asset production is huge, let alone requiring changes in copy, imagery and local nuances. The time taken to develop these creatives in the past has taken too long, and at too high a cost! Using the Streameye tool fixed all of that for us, as we became more agile and far more cost efficient, which we then developed even further with more and more functionality as our understanding of the tool grew.
More importantly, they have been an awesome partner - super-quick in answering the needs of a very busy and demanding business with great innovation and collaboration. We've launched in new markets far more seamlessly than ever before, and we know with Streameye that we're ready for much more in the future.

Harry Tulip
Head of Campaign Planning

When you're localising content in over 20 languages and supplying assets in more than 80 different sizes across a variety of different territories, time and costs can quickly skyrocket. However, switching to using Streameye as our banner management tool, has helped us become much more agile and efficient. Their integration team have been an excellent partner and has added value by their willingness to make adjustments and customise the software to meet our individual needs. Plus they're fast as lightning which really helps in today's dynamic social media landscape.

Pavel Gonevski
Online channel marketing manager Epson Europe B.V.