By Streameye  |  Thu Jun 25 2020

You’re almost there, you’ve found some top notch marketers and hired an amazingly talented team of designers. All you need is for them to work together to grow your business.

But it’s never that simple.

Effective collaboration requires more than just talent: Your marketing and design teams need the right attitude, systems and tools to be effective. Below, we break down the three key areas where you can make an impact to get better results for your business – and how StreamEye makes that possible.

1. Minimising handoffs

No one likes handoffs, but when your marketing involves creating visuals like banner ads at scale, it seems inevitable. Once you start talking about multiple ads in seemingly endless sizes, various languages and changing offers, there’s an immense amount of back and forth between marketing and design teams.

The key is to use a tool like StreamEye which empowers marketers to take a single design and modify it independently. When the design team only needs to create a single base design (which the marketers can then use to their heart’s content), back and forth between teams is greatly reduced.

2. Accountability

Speaking of empowering marketing teams, placing more capabilities in their hands is critical for greater accountability. Consider when a mistake ends up in a final ad: who gets the blame? Is it the marketer (who didn’t effectively communicate what had to happen) or the designer (who didn’t ask themselves “is this what marketing wants?”)?

In a world with plenty of handoffs, it’s also easy to pass off the blame when something goes wrong. Giving marketing teams more capabilities to independently create and modify ads means greater accountability. Ultimately, teams that are accountable are teams that perform better.

StreamEye prevents the “it’s not my fault” conversation by giving marketing teams tools to operate more independently with existing designs.

3. Meaningful work from both ends

Imagine you’re a designer and are told to take a basic design and create 120 versions of it in 4 languages, 10 designs, and 4 offers.

Designers don’t want to spend their days doing menial tasks like generating dozens of slightly different versions of the same image. Worse, it hurts their productivity.

If your designers are spending their time developing more impactful designs, they’re going to enjoy their work better and produce better results. Better still, when your designers only need to focus on their main work, you’ll need fewer working hours from them.

StreamEye automates work that once took hours, ensuring that your marketing and design teams can be more focused on impactful work.

4. Responsiveness

When you’re in a fast-changing industry, your marketing team may occasionally need to make critical adjustments to their ads ASAP. Being held up by waiting on designers to make updates is a poor recipe for good collaboration.

Avoid wasting golden opportunities (and the need to involve designers) during these critical moments. It is StreamEye's core mission to make your marketers more effective and give your designers a break from playing robots.

StreamEye streamlines marketing and design work

The right tool makes team collaboration far easier, and that’s why StreamEye was created: to make productive collaboration seamless. Discover how StreamEye can transform your PPC marketing.