By Streameye  |  Thu Jul 02 2020

For businesses trying to get the biggest ROI from their digital marketing, choosing the right banner software carries huge potential upsides. While the banner creation process may seem straightforward, manually creating them at scale is an extremely involved process.

If you’re unfamiliar with the intricate details of banner creation, it can be impossible to choose the right software for your team.From concepts to design to copy, we’ve broken down the most important elements for choosing the best banner software.

What’s involved in creating ad banners? Many software products promise to empower your marketers and designers, but if you’re a CMO or marketing manager, you might not be familiar with all of the details that go into banner creation.

Marketing teams develop concepts and copy, followed by designers who create dozens of different variations (both in terms of content and dimensions). It’s crucial that teams keep a close eye on file sizes to ensure that their banners are not only accepted by publishing platforms but also load quicker than the competition.

What StreamEye offers digital businesses

The right software – like StreamEye – is proven to save dozens of working hours every month while empowering your marketing and design teams.


How many banners do you need to create and what does scaling look like for your company? When your business environment changes and you need to react quickly with new ads to take advantage, understanding your precise scaling needs will make an enormous difference.

The best banner software automates as much of this process as possible, allowing teams to produce large numbers of custom banners with minimal delay for development and coordination. Specifically, you’ll want to choose software that automatically generates differently-sized banners and unique banner content – both of which we’ll explore in greater detail below.

Quickly & easily change content in multiple banner sizes

There’s nothing particularly complex about it, but it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of banner creation: You design a banner and then need it sized for use across multiple platforms and media types.

The reality? It quickly turns into a burdensome exercise. For example, you may have 10 different content variations and require 10 different sizes for each. You’re asking designers to manually create 100 unique banners. The required time drive up costs and leave your company unable to meet the demand for other new campaigns.

Instead of days (or even weeks), the right banner software can create those 100 unique banners within minutes.

Easy to access libraries

In addition to a wide variety of banners, your company might struggle to manage the dozens of images, videos, and other media in your library of content. Having a strong user interface to navigate, organise, and use this content makes an enormous difference in the day-to-day running of campaigns.

Even for simpler operations that don’t require much media, testing different banners for different purposes should be carried out regularly. In other words, you’ll see better ROI by testing different permutations of each banner until you find the best performers. As a nice side bonus, you’ll discover what kind of messaging resonates with your audience(s) most.

Instant updates

You want to be able to push new content and offers at the drop of a hat, and manually updating banner content is simply a waste of your marketing team’s time. StreamEye removes the cumbersome operation of exporting banners from your offline tool – as well as the tedious publishing process for every little change.

HTML5 capabilities

Automated and dynamic HTML5 banner ads perform better than static ones. You need banner software that’s capable of generating HTML5 ads without writing any new lines of code. Consider whether the software you’re considering can create these ads (and how easy they make the process). You can read more about video banners built on HTML 5 here.

Discover why StreamEye is the best banner software anywhere

From Day 1, our goal was to create the simplest, most comprehensive banner solution. To learn more about how Streameye can transform and improve your digital advertising and ROI, contact one of our representatives today.