By Streameye  |  Fri Jul 10 2020

Video is one of the most powerful tools in any advertiser’s arsenal. It’s become a ubiquitous tool because of its persuasiveness and ability to hold viewer interest. At StreamEye, we’ve been determining precisely how to assist our users in exporting their video file formats to banners.

After countless tests, we’ve finally unlocked a new way for you to advertise and communicate with your audiences. Let’s look into what this new functionality looks like, why it’s so powerful and what you can do with it.

Why video banners are a game changer

From social networks to ecommerce platforms, consumers have come to expect video content. Ads like static banners just don’t perform the way they used to. In fact, one study by Tubular Insights found a 400-700% increase in CTR. Considering the inputs needed (more on that later), this can translate into an incredible boost in ROI for your advertising.

So while video has opened up a world of possibilities for advertisers on platforms like Youtube, video in social network advertising has been limited. This is because these networks don’t accept HTML5 banners with video embedded.

Bringing the power of video to more platforms and channels

Exporting video file formats from StreamEye was a natural way to provide our clients with a more powerful omni-channel marketing production platform. This will enable StreamEye users to do more to boost efficiency, simplify training and explore new ways to market your products and services.

How we’ve brought video to StreamEye users

So how do you create video banners within StreamEye? We’ve worked hard to ensure you can use the same familiar asset structure for static or HTML5 banners. This means you can select – or even mix and match – different offers within the same ad by using your searchable galleries.

Although video is undoubtedly more complex, StreamEye’s ease-of-use is still there. Our incorporation of AWS makes creating video ads at scale simple and intuitive.

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality to start working with video banners: Our powerful text formatting and fitting capabilities apply just as much to video.

Lastly, not all video is created equal, but you’ll never have to sacrifice quality or flexibility when producing yours. Video sources and audio clips can be seamlessly integrated in our platform to produce highly-engaging animated video ads. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

What you can expect from bringing video to your banners

Alongside our HTML5 ads and static ads for email and social networks, our video banner options open up new possibilities for your online advertising. If you’re already a StreamEye Professional client, the video module is a free ad-on and there aren’t any new systems to learn.

If you’re new to StreamEye, you’ll discover that our system for building and running stronger banner ads at scale is easy to learn and surprisingly powerful.

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