By Streameye  |  Tue Oct 20 2020

The English sports streaming service DAZN has been relying on StreamEye to be its digital production partner for years. In the world of sports where everything can change with a single goal, DAZN needed to be able to quickly customize and scale their digital ads. That’s why they turned to StreamEye. We allow them to quickly scale their digital advertising production for new markets by handling the task of generating content that converts.

However, one downside of this setup was the segmentation in reporting, targeting, and tracking ad performance. While it was clear that our ads were getting results, the difficulty in delving deeper into that data to better understand what was performing meant that DAZN’s digital advertising was never going to reach its full potential until these issues were solved.

We knew we could use Google Studio (formerly DoubleClick Studtio) to bridge our banner generation platform to industry leasing reporting, targeting, and tracking tools of GMP. So, we took on the challenge of seamlessly integrating SteamEye’s content production abilities with the analytical powerhouse of Google’s Marketing Platform.

StreamEye + Google Studio, the Best of Both Worlds

Before this integration, DAZN had one tool to create banner ads (StreamEye) and another to track their performance, retarget, etc, via Google’s Campaign Manager. This worked well enough, but they could see valuable time saving advantages of being able to easily utilize the content they created in StreamEye within Google Campaign Manager so they could employ its powerful analytics.

Our Google Certified engineers have built a set of powerful integration tools which allow you to get more done. Our new integration allows Streameye to send raw data directly in Google Studio and use its ability to communicate with Campaign Manager. This in turn enables DAZN marketing team to run and update their campaigns in Streameye, as they have been doing in the past few years, while getting better analytics from Campaign Manager in the process.

Now, DAZN can use StreamEye’s intuitive UI to create and edit ads fast without giving up everything GMP offers, like in-depth A/B testing, precision ad targeting, and an effective way to analyze all the data you generate in the process. This allows StreamEye users to fine-tune their campaigns to improve performance more easily than ever before.

As a result, today DAZN has a system where StreamEye handles ad creation and Google Studio enables them to target, track, and report. As a single seamless system, they offer the best of both worlds and an unbeatable tool for companies which need to get the most out of their digital advertising. Whether you need more efficient scalable ad creation or feel your current analytics setup is leaving something to be desired, it’s time to see why StreamEye and our new Google Studio integration is a recipe for digital advertising success.