• Speed of production
  • Automation of content
  • Optimisation of go-to-market

Company Description

DAZN (pronounced “Dah-zohn”) is a fast-growing, ground-breaking sports streaming service that provides sports fans access to live and on-demand televised events. Dubbed the “Netflix of Sports” for acquiring and streaming most major international sporting events, the company was the world's top revenue-generating sports app in 2019.


DAZN needed to expand their business quickly across markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Therefore, they required:

  • A reliable platform that enabled them to produce and deliver digital ads quickly and easily.

  • A solution for scalable services not only across markets but also media channels (e.g. social, display).

  • Ads that were compliant with specific legal regulations in each region.

  • An experienced partner to streamline this process.

DAZN - Display Ads


By streamlining their ad creation process, StreamEye saved DAZN incredible time and money while they expanded to new markets. The platform allowed DAZN’s marketing team to generate quick ad content in multiple destinations while adhering to specific requirements.

StreamEye automatically generates animated ads (with various sizes and formats). Not only does this help DAZN focus more energy on their core business, the tool also delivers ads without requiring external agencies for each market.

Once DAZN markets’ campaigns were up and running, a completely automated solution was developed to integrate DAZN’s sports fixture data into every ad. The integration of 3rd-party APIs into any platform is one of StreamEye’s core strengths and enables the client to schedule content in ads with a few clicks.

To optimize digital advertising, DAZN’s onboarding process required a few straightforward steps:

  • Assigning a dedicated StreamEye team to work with the DAZN marketing and media departments.

  • Creating tailored templates and builders to automate/service banner production.

  • Integrating DAZN’s own content in the ads across markets. For example, future match fixtures would be automatically populated in digital ad banners.

After setting up DAZN’s StreamEye account, an automated workflow was enabled.

DAZN - Automation via API integration


Being an industry innovator - and needing to be better and faster than anyone else - DAZN relied on StreamEye’s digital platform.


Rather than hiring and training external agencies for local markets, StreamEye allowed DAZN to launch far faster by using their internal team.


By automating digital ads, DAZN sped up their go-to market strategy, saving a great deal of money and resources.


Once StreamEye collected and analysed DAZN’s data, establishing thorough processes allowed them to quickly replicate campaigns across each new market.

Data Automation

Integrating DAZN’s own data (and 3rd party data) ensures that relevant data is automatically published in banners via a 'set it and forget it' process. They set their data, order and schedule it once, then it updates relevant content automatically for the next few months.

At DAZN we're constantly promoting live sports all over the world, and our digital asset production is huge, let alone requiring changes in copy, imagery and local nuances. The time taken to develop these creatives in the past has taken too long, and at too high a cost! Using the Streameye tool fixed all of that for us, as we became more agile and far more cost efficient, which we then developed even further with more and more functionality as our understanding of the tool grew.
More importantly, they have been an awesome partner - super-quick in answering the needs of a very busy and demanding business with great innovation and collaboration. We've launched in new markets far more seamlessly than ever before, and we know with Streameye that we're ready for much more in the future.

Harry Tulip
Head of Campaign Planning

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