• Scheduling multiple offers with a specific time period for each.
  • Visual consistency between banners and related landing pages.
  • Smooth user journey from banner click to action.

Company Description

LiveScore Group is the company behind LiveScore, LiveScore Bet and Virgin Bet, three of the most exciting brands in the sports and gaming industries today.

Whether it is LiveScore delivering real-time sports updates or free-to-air live streams to its users across 200 territories, or LiveScore Bet and Virgin Bet offering innovative and trusted sportsbook betting opportunities, the company aims to bring their audiences closer than ever to the sports they love and enrich their experiences with their best-in-class products.


Livescore had the following goals and challenges when Streameye became part of their toolset:

  • They wanted to be able to schedule multiple offers with a specific schedule for each

  • They aimed at achieving visual consistency between banners and related landing pages

  • They were willing to make their users’ journey smooth and easy all the way from banner click to the landing page and leading the customer to their webpage with pre-populated betslip with the specific offer they clicked

  • They needed to have active banners with dynamic content for up to 4 different teams/games and have the content change/switch automatically


Having Livescore’s challenges figured out, we started a complex process to increase the capabilities of their tailored Streameye interface.

We started by modifying one of Streameye’s most appreciated features - producing high-quality, all-size on-brand banners quickly and easily. Livescore started immediately using display advertising and social media creative production.

We fixed together all hesitations towards being always on brand but at the same time, we managed to set up the process to be quick and easy to go into banner production.

Next on the list, we had to include the scheduling option. Livescore could now easily choose multiple offers and pick specific time periods when one is live and another one is ceased without the need for republishing.

As the last step, we worked on creating the custom click tags they needed between their banners and their landing pages. We wanted to refine brand image consistency but also perfect the user journey even further into the next steps.


Time and cost optimization allows teams to reuse previous work and produce dynamic banners with minimal effort.

Banner time sensitivity and scheduling features that allow Livescore to automatically change different game creatives using close to 0 effort and time.

Customised ad builder developed exclusively for Livescore’s brand and specific requirements.

Using Streameye, Livescore can easily prepare for over a billion of impressions monthly decreasing the risks of not being on brand or not showing the right game at the right time.

Being a company with the size and market share that Livescore has, it has become more and more challenging for us to manage our creative production and its implementation.
When we started working with Streameye, we saw that we are not getting just another banner creation service provider but something much more than that. They have proved to be a reliable partner who understands our needs and finds ways to accommodate them.
We strive to be constantly innovating in the field of digital advertising and Streameye manages to supply us with the right tools to do so by constantly improving and developing the platform.

Tom Clapp
Head of Marketing Design

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