• Highly - relevant HTML5 ads on the fly.
  • Automated update of ads.
  • Effective generation across channels and products.

Company Description

Paddy Power Betfair (PPB), a part of Flutter Entertainment, is a world-class sports betting and gaming operator. Their online, mobile, and sports-led presences have grown their brands to the No.1 position in key markets across the world.

Consisting of four industry-leading betting and gaming brands (Paddy Power, Betfair, Sportsbet and TVG), Flutter Entertainment became a major disruptor in the online betting industry, thanks to their one-against-one model. Instead of betting on bookmaker odds, fans were able to compete against anonymous players using PPB's “betting exchange”.


Being in a highly competitive industry, PPB needed a quick and stable solution to publish their unique offers across international markets and products. Their main challenges were:

  • Efficiently producing high-quality HTML5 animated ads for betting

  • Updating digital ads automatically (with content like upcoming fixtures, events and odds) in near real-time.

  • Streamlining the entire production process across products, sports, and markets, thereby generating huge volumes of digital ads

  • Managing and sharing assets for ad production

  • Optimising the time spent on trafficking their ads

Paddy Power - Image Creation


Since 2006, Betfair marketing team has relied on StreamEye as their digital partner. After the merger of Betfair and Paddy Power, StreamEye has helped automate and grow their digital ad production.

Utilising StreamEye’s Builders and Templates modules, PPB was able to streamline their ad production across various channels (e.g. affiliate partners, publishing platforms, social media, email marketing, the PPB website, offline betting kiosks). Templates also enabled the PPB team to quickly build and update animated and highly engaging ads.

Being one of the first ad content automation solution providers, StreamEye has fully integrated Betfair’s Exchange API to deliver live odds within their animated ads.

Striving to continuously offer new ideas and methods for digital process optimisation, StreamEye has evolved to develop new modules and features. StreamEye Galleries enabled PPB’s in-house digital team to create and maintain a shared bank of graphic assets (making them available within their digital ads). StreamEye Campaigns offered a breakthrough in ad trafficking by enabling the PPB display team to alter live campaigns without republishing ads.

Betfair - Image Creation


As an online sports betting leader, Paddy Power Betfair had to be more efficient and effective than their competitors and StreamEye helped them create some of the best digital ad campaigns in the game.

Highly-relevant HTML5 ads

To promote their products and special offers, PPB is able to produce huge volumes of HTML5 ads that are eye-catching, animated, highly relevant and time-sensitive. In the online betting industry, having highly-relevant ads drives better customer engagement and is crucial for success.

Automatically-updated ads

Thanks to the integration of PPB’s product APIs, ads are automatically updated with live content, consistently showing up-to-date offers and information. Through StreamEye’s automated process, the PPB marketing team saves incredible time and effort.

Stronger in-house ad creation process

StreamEye enabled stronger collaboration between in-house marketing, display and creative teams. Without requiring an external agency to take on production and localisation tasks, StreamEye has saved resources and kept ad production costs at a minimal level.

More informative banners

PPB’s banners can now contain various elements about contestants, teams and odds. This transforms the ad into a real-time tip, which is especially useful for well-informed potential customers.

Embedded videos in banners

Embedding and integrating short TV ads within banners helped PPB strengthen its brand recognition.

Scale digital advertising across all channels

PPB uses StreamEye for all their channels: affiliate partners, publishing platforms, social media, emails, their website, offline betting kiosks (where the info on screens comes from StreamEye-generated assets).

Streameye have delivered PPB marketing a fully bespoke self service platform that has saved countless design hours and costs. The Streameye platform allows our creative and marketing teams to produce content and campaigns in minutes allowing PPB marketing teams to be more agile and reactive. PPB and Streameye have partnered for over 10 years and their continued commitment to delivering the best product makes them a very valued partner.

Suzie Belton
Head of Creative Services

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